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Six months ago, I woke up with this crazy itch. I wanted to be sovereign and independent. It was as if I was going through my own Revolutionary War. I conjugated my current state beyond more than just past, present, and future. I attempted to regain my happiness. The happiness not just being a derivative of money, but more so an in the moment, accepting when rain falls on you and loving it, type of happiness. Having volunteered with dog rescues for a while, and the people who love me supporting my hopes to make a career working with canines… I woke up and decided to open my own business. Little did I know that opening this business would not just open the doors to generating my own income, but it would also open the doors to a more stress free me. It allowed me to work more, but work less at the same time. The hours I put in still to this day now are the hours that I am awake, and heaven knows that has consequences in itself, but I can not help it as my passion dictates where my feet take me. I swear sometimes, my body is my best friend, somehow it takes me to get food or use the bathroom because my mind is never on this plain of basic mechanics that are required from humans to survive.

Now, six months have passed, and literally over a hundred customers plus volunteer work hours later, I find myself expanding my mind once again. Recently, some of my clients went out-of-town and they asked me if I knew a good dog walker. Well, the best dog walker I know is myself, so I told them that I would gladly make the exception for them, and for one of my All-Star canines, Empress. As I was walking Empress, it began to rain. At this point I’d like to refer you to the first paragraph where a mention of rain was made. I stopped walking, Empress followed suit. She sat down next to me, and looked at me waiting for me to tell her what to do. However, in this moment there was a connection. It was as if we both were deciding wether or not to continue this walk with all this stuff chaotically falling from the sky. We made our decision together as we continued on our walk. It was mutual, you could tell. She stayed at a perfect heel with me enoying the rain just as I was enjoying the perfect heel we had accomplished while walking in the rain with her. There was something special going on, and as we were passed by cars, I noticed that people were smiling while waving at us with true joy. It was with those people, and a beautiful symbiotic relationship between myself and Empress that I realized I had set out to do exactly what I planned six months. I found myself happy, in the moment, drenched in rain, wearing basketball shorts with paw stains on them, and completely accepting of the present state. This is the area of the mind and soul that is capable of teaching, this is the area of power that we seemto forget. The power to accept simply beautiful moments, daily. I then realized that I had created this. I manifested this, and I had worked hard for this.

In that moment, I began to tear up. I looked around, and the rain was coming down heavier than before. It mixed with the few tears that fell from my face, and right then and there I thought of how special this was. As the rain and now tear stained asphalt only emphasized the special moment that Empress and I shared, we decided that at this point it was time to go home. I walked her home, and I dried her off. I was so proud of her, and I am so proud of her. We dried off, and she went to take a nap as I went to work with more clients that needed my help.

I though to myself,”This is the type of passion and art that the dog training world is missing”. As I look around the dog training community, it is in shambles. So, I decided that I would start a blog to get my thoughts down, and share (for those who want to know) what I am learning on my path. I do not know where I will end up, nor do I care as long as it’s somewhere with dogs.

In this blog’s future one will find: opinions on dog training, product reviews, success stories, case studies, training advice, daily ventings, and of course many grammatical errors.

I look forward to sharing my journey with anyone that is interested. I look forward to working with clients that turn into friends, and I look forward to meeting and helping as many canines as I can in this short life that we all stumble through.

  • Jonas Black

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