#1 tip to changing your dog’s troublesome behavior

99% of the time I ask owners,”how much do you walk your dog?” The most common answer I get is,”Well, we don’t really walk our dog, but the dog gets plenty of exercise.” Now, the exercise part is great, I am a huge fan of exercise, but that does not equate to setting leadership and authority. If your dog is not at all heel while walking with you, despite that s/he may not be reactive, the message of leadership is not clear. I am of firm belief that all dogs should be at a loose leash heel, and following your lead: pace, body language, and relaxation.

Properly walking your dog eliminates problematic behavior. It may not cure all of it, but it sure helps cut down the load of troublesome behaviors we are dealing with.

The #1 tip to eliminating problematic behavior… engage your dog in walks with you at a heel for at least 45 minutes a day. Watch the magic happen.


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